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High Mast

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High Mast

To ensure large area coverage for lighting or wide CCTV sweep areas HBL high mast poles offer a perfect platform. Ideal for major highway interchanges, secure installations, railway yards, wide public areas, airports, parking lots, stadiums, and many other locations

Spun Concrete high mast poles are available up to 24m with a base plate. These masts are of very high strength and tolerance to weather extremes. Their height enhances the security of the lighting and cameras.

Spun concrete poles offer a life of 50+ years and are built and tested to withstand the most extreme weather and physical impacts. They are far more resilient than wooden or cast concrete poles.

Areas of application

  • Street Lighting
  • Area lighting
  • Surveillance platforms
  • Antenna mounting
  • Security installations
  • Salt and high wind environments