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Spun Concrete Piles

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Spun Concrete Piles

HBL Power Systems is the leading Supplier of Spun Concrete Products with Global quality standards – ISO 9001-2015

High Strength Pre-Stressed Spun Concrete Piles offers an economical deep foundation system with the consistent and superior quality compared to cast in situ & other concrete piles.

High-strength spun concrete piles are made with M80 grade concrete, with lengths varying from 6m to 12m and confirms Japanese (JIS 5337-1984) and Malaysian (MS-1314 Part4-2004) standards.

Spun concrete piles can be easily joined to any combination of length as per design requirements and manufactured with steel end plates for splicing.

The HBL’s Unique manufacturing process (Spinning) results in the enhancement of concrete strength by eliminating pores almost completely.

  • Diameter: 400mm and 600mm
  • Class Type: Class A, Class B and Class C
  • Lengths: Up to 12m in single segment.
  • High Quality – Made under controlled factory environment
  • High grade concrete – M80
  • High Strength Steel – ≥ 1,200 Mpa
  • Uniform shaft thickness
  • Pores free concrete – Unique Spinning process in manufacturing
  • Dense and high grade concrete offers high resistance to chemical attack
  • Driven piles displace the soil, results in high bearing capacities.
  • Industrial Structures
  • High rise buildings
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Marine Structures
  • Commercial Buildings