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Related Applications

Telecom Tower

HBL’s Spun Concrete Monopole is a unique solution for installing communication towers at Prime Locations with space constraints - as these occupy a smaller footprint compared to lattice steel towers. Aesthetically the monopoles are more attractive and acceptable to the residents in a neighborhood. Metro Cities, parks, even road dividers in city areas and on highways can accommodate this Monopole easily and in a very short period.

HBL’s monopoles are made of high-strength concrete and by using HBL’s unique manufacturing (spinning) process; these monopoles are maintenance-free and extremely durable. There is virtually no degradation in service even in the most severe weather conditions - as the spinning process eliminates pores in the concrete to nil, creating a fine, uniform microstructure . This improves the life of the reinforcement within and the Monopoles' ability to withstand high gale and wind loads.