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Hollowcore Slabs

Pre-stressed Hallow Core slabs are made with extrusion technology.

The standard width of these slabs is 1200mm and we offer two thicknesses of 150mm and 250mm. Slab length is calculated based on the load withstand requirements per unit area.

Any construction with a precast element like hallow core slabs reduces the project time significantly results in the availability of property for usage at the earliest.

Using precast slabs reduces construction and project time significantly in many civil engineering applications. The result is the project is delivered to the customer faster.

A normal use of these slabs is using them to build compound walls for properties such as Industrial complexes, agriculture farms, schools, colleges etc.

  • Thickness: 150mm and 250mm
  • Slab length: 5m to 10 depends on superimposed load requirements.
  • Pre-stressed
  • High grade concrete (M40+)
  • Light in weight thus reduces total structural weight.