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The expansion of port facilities often occurs in areas where land is reclaimed or has a sandy/soft unstable nature. Piling is mandatory to construct the robust facilities of a modern quayside or warehouse and crane facility.

Spun Concrete Piles are ideally suitable for the construction of foundations in difficult soils such as loose sand, or soft clays that collapse during boring, or where the water table has a shallow depth. HBL’s Spun Concrete piles are made with high grade concrete (M80+) and technology that ensures proper protection to reinforcement in corrosive soils. Spun piles with diameters of 600mm and 400mm are ideal for construction foundations of offshore facilities.

Spun poles are also ideal as lighting mast in ports - as the air is highly humid and saline in nature. Spun concrete masts resist any corrosion and offer extremely long lives. They are resistant to virtually any weather event – including cyclone strength wind.