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Power Distribution Pole

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Power Distribution Pole

HBL designs and manufactures spun concrete poles for utility power distribution and other aerial supports. Our products have been widely deployed to satisfy customers where steel or wood structures offer short lives. Concrete is a natural choice to ensure a long-lived structure in salt atmospheres, wind-driven sand erosion conditions, and where high wind loads are expected. The poles are extremely easy to install and are maintenance-free.

HBL Spun Concrete poles are uniformly manufactured to the highest consistent quality utilizing the centrifugal force generated during the spinning process. This process eliminates all pores in the concrete and makes it significantly denser when compared to a pole made using a conventional casting process. HBL uses M50 concrete which further enhances the strength of the pole.

A unique advantage of spun concrete over conventional poles is its high tolerance to the wind - due to the geometrical, circular cross section. The circular cross section lowers dynamic loads as the wind that is being blown on to the pole is diffuse around it. This results in less wind force on the pole itself and the majority of the pole strength is available to ensure safe support of the conductors.

Poles conform to IS13158 - 1991 and IS2905 – 1989.

  • 33KV Power distribution lines in single and double circuits
  • 11KV Power distribution lines in single and double circuits
  • Multiple circuits in urban areas (33kV/11KV/LT)
  • Road crossings

High strength up to 700kg working load.

Equal strength in all directions (360o)

Available up to 15m in single segment.

Slender/ sleek with smooth surface.

No corrosion

Eco Friendly and Aesthetic.


  • Withstands high speed winds
  • Less expensive compared to steel poles (almost 50%).
  • Longer life (30+ years)
  • Less lifetime cost as no maintenance is required.
  • Minimal restoration expenditure.